Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Band members sought

It's looking like 2017 will bring more gigging and recording opportunities for Keshco and Bleak House. We're seeking gentle friendly people who would like to help us bring our sounds to audiences. Could that be you? Or someone you know?

Currently, the members of Keshco and Bleak House are scattered all around:

Andy (mainly vocals, guitars, keyboards, other bits, recording) and Caroline (keyboards, clarinet, some vocals) are in London;
Luke (the mighty flute, guitars, keyboards, some vocals) is in Oxford and not often available;
Bob (the tower of drums, vocals, keyboards, other bits) is in Todmorden, Yorkshire, and not often available.

Gigs and recording are likely to be a combination of whoever is available, and could be anywhere around London, the UK, or abroad. We welcome potential new members worldwide.

If you're interested in being a part-time member of Keshco or Bleak House (or more!), try these questions:
  • Firstly, do you like the music we play? We have a few main styles (psychedelic, folk, synthpop, outsider, prog, freakout, library).
  • Secondly, do you really like the music we play? After going for this long, it should be obvious we're not aspiring to be accepted by the mainstream indie scene.
  • Do you share our politics? (Left-wing/Green)
  • It's very handy if you can play/try to play more than one instrument (not necessarily to a great standard). We are looking for any instruments to bolster the sound: bass, percussion, drums, lead guitar, woodwind, strings, brass, keyboards, harmony vocals, etc.
  • Willingness to try a little improv when necessary, or to play defined parts (sheet music is possible if that helps), or make up new parts together, or a combination.
  • We are hoping to meet calm people working towards a team effort, not highly-strung.
  • We practice and record at home, so it won't be massively loud.
  • Are you OK with the band not making much (if any) money? Most of our music is available for free or donation. We play small gigs. We will share any profits and I will try to ensure expenses are covered.
If you've answered in the affirmative to these, feel free to get in touch! (contact form at bottom of page) or you can direct message us on Twitter or Facebook.

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