Wednesday, April 06, 2005

tear down the old

So, one month until voting day, my fellow enfranchised citizens. The Tories' hideous billboard campaign has already started. Some public-spirited soul in Hackney took advantage of a burst of wet weather to pull down the bottom right-hand sheets from the latest one, thus removing the party logo, which is replaced with the Orange ident. You see, Mother Nature is a socialist.

The hardier amongst you may care to journey down to dingy Deptford (birthplace of Squeeze) this weekend, to a two-day event called the Fleamarket II. Keshco will be there, amongst 50 other artists displaying their work; say hello, press the flesh, put it away in a suitable drawer. The art is on show from 12-6 both days; followed by a varied programme of music through the evenings. Keshco will be playing (plus projections) on the Sunday, along with the Swedish Folk Song Project, Nigel Burch & the Fleapit Orchestra, and Mandicant. Do come along, it looks set to be a veritable cornucopia of curiousities and creativists. We'll have CDs, badges, and maybe a DVD to sell or swap. In the meantime, if you have been, then carry on and you'll know where to find the bathroom.