Sunday, January 20, 2008

Keshco is elsewhere

I note, with not a little concern, that this blog is on the first page of Google results for the name Keshco. This despite a new post not having been added in the best part of two years. Well, time to rectify that! Or pull it down.

A lot has happened since last we spoke - well, I typed; you told me I was becoming aware of my surroundings and left your phone number. Not exactly a conversation but it'll have to do.

You know, there's a much more frequently updated blog over at the Keshco page on MySpace. Probably much more worth your while. Bear with me (or rather, go somewhere else) whilst I try to decide what (if anything) this blog is actually for. There is a place for navel-gazing, and it's silver, is page-a-day and came from WHSmith.