Thursday, January 21, 2010

Echo! (Echo!)

Reverbnation is a pointless site. It has not gained us any friends or plays, despite numerous exclusives - but it has sucked up an awful lot of time. People go to MySpace or, not Reverbnation. Nobody wants to click on its silly widgets, which it encourages you to stick all over the net. It spams us every few days with emails saying "you are about to lose chart positions at Reverbnation" - how we ever gained any is beyond me, seeing as nobody clicks through to the site. Sometimes, the twinkly sites really are not the best sites.

In other news: the second Keshco album, "The Seeds of Wom", is now completely free to download via It's been ten years now since its release. I hope you'll help yourself. It's released under a Creative Commons licence, so you're welcome to remix the tracks, should you be so disposed.