Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Cassette Interviews: Bob Follen

With Keshco having returned to the cassette format for their latest release, the 62-minute mixtape "Never Eject" released in time for Cassette Store Day 2018, here is the first of a series of short tape-themed Q&As. First up, it's the composer of piano psychedelia "Misguided" and synthpop classic "White Darth Vaydar", amongst many others. Step forward...

Bob Follen (drum wizard, crooner and latter-day proper artist) 

What's your strongest tape memory? Growing up apart from my brothers and sister, visiting them, and listening to "Wish You Were Here", I remember vividly looking out of the car window and thinking "my family's in that house, I bet they're having more fun than me". My brother gave me those very same Floyd tapes just over a year ago.

What was the first tape you purchased? I can't quite remember, but I do remember asking a member of library staff to unlock their tape carousel so I could hire Freddie Mercury's "Mr Bad Guy".

Did you make mix tapes? I did, although I labelled 'em "Compilations". They were mostly Queen "Deep Cuts" and radio interviews. I made covers using Queen bits I'd find in Smash Hits magazines. The rest of my tapes were my vinyl singles (including... the b-sides) finally on tape.

Bob is also responsible for the accompanying wooden tape art objects, under his arty guise of Bob Art Models. Stalk him at the Louder Than Words literary festival in Manchester this November.

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Music For Skint Filmmakers? Music For Everyone

Hello Kesh-Chums,

Filmmaker's Reference Kit V2 cover artwork.
Drawn by Bob for Bob Art Models, coloured by Andy.
July 14th is Netlabel Day, and once again we've saved up an album for release as part of this international celebration of unfettered creativity. Our new album is... Filmmaker's Reference Kit Volume 2.

One of the aspects we enjoy most about putting out music (...the only aspect?) is learning about all the varied uses filmmakers have found for our tunes over recent years. This new collection features 21 tunes perfect for your next production, from bombastic title music to quirky idents, break bumpers, and suspense-laden incidentals. Otherwise, let these toe-tappers become your own personal soundtracks through your day. As personally approved by Stanley Kubrick!

Lyric fans, don't worry: we'll be back with another album of protest songs when the collective depression lightens long enough to press "record" and sing about how terribly messed up everything and everyone is (apart from you, you're alright). Meanwhile, why not join a community choir?

The tunes here include some very new pieces (even recorded within the last week), and other bits from almost a decade ago. Some of the incidentals are rescued from our comedy film, "Johnny Cocktail: Obscured By Masks". Listen to Luke's exciting cosmic mellifluity on "The Fractured Flute Of Time", and Bob's effusive melodies on "Japanese Brain Buzz". You may enjoy my music hall singalong, "Play For Your People", originally composed as a song for the CONIFA alternative World Cup and perhaps best without the lyrics.

IMPORTANT TITLING NOTE! When we uploaded this album to our usual distributor in order to reach the major streaming sites, it was initially rejected as the helpful genre suggestions in the titles were seen as too leading. Harrumph. This was after we’d already released the album on the free sites. Reluctantly, we updated 12 of the bracketed sections of the titles in order to make them compliant with the streaming site policies. So, some of the songs are floating around on the internet with two titles, both of which are technically correct. Use whichever you prefer.

Anyway, catch you soon, or vice versa. Stay in touch while we're all around,

A x