Monday, July 26, 2010

Kesh in the summertime

So, my boylets and girlings, are you bouncing freely in these lovely sunstreaked days? Remember, tanning is indecent.

I thought I should bring us all up-to-date on what's been going on these last few months, before it all escapes my brain in a slow twist of early-onset Alzheimer's sieve action. (Always hate the fast spin cycle on our old washer-dryer.)

Your friends at Keshco (Mr Kesh has a Company, remember...) have not been so idle in the first half of the year. Firstly we completed an EP, "Lego Of Me", at the start of March, just missing our self-imposed deadline of Valentine's Day. Could have been an Easter release I suppose. But it's still in the record company vaults! I am given to understand that these six tracks of pure gooey chocolatey goodness are to be unleashed any week now. Here's the track-listing:

She Knows Disco / More Deserving / James Harries / Decadent Robots / Inhale / Advert From Heaven

Next, we turned our attention to recording a track for this year's International Ocean Day compilation, curated by the delectably fishy Notebook Of A Mermaid. The theme this year was ocean covers, and so we hit upon a version of "Oceans In The Hall" by the Ladybug Transistor. This song (all six minutes of it!) can now be downloaded from our MySpace page, but there should be a home for the whole compilation somewhere online, soon.

We completed an interview for a video project by our friendly Swedish label friends at 23 Seconds, all about free music and free culture. That was fun and then Johan, and also John from stablemates Azoora, tagged along whilst we wobbled around Tesco making a video for our "Crimes Of Casio". Pop-tastic!

The last thing we put out was our brand spanking new football anthem, "Penalty Shot!". I hope you've already checked out the video on our YouTube page. The song should find a home in a forthcoming EP...

...of which there should be a few! We've got at least three more of these little releases in mind, and have a hope to put out a netlabel EP on each continent over the next year. "Keshco - The Continents Collection" - doesn't it sound fab? If you know of any suitable labels, particularly outside Europe, please get in touch.

In other video news, Johnny Cocktail's trip through the dreamscape (started in 2004, would you believe) is still in a morass of editing, though creeping towards its end stages.

A couple of live shows are tentatively planned, which we think will be more acoustic.

That's enough to be getting on with for now. I'll wish you a good morrow and let's be in touch a bit more often, hm!

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Music for films

We're going to update this section on the main website, but for now...

Keshco are keen to provide music for films or other video projects. If you're looking for music for your project, please contact us and provide as much of the following information as you can:

* Genre, run time and summary of the work
* Projected deadlines (for editing, etc)
* Required delivery date
* Estimate of the amount of music required
* Budget (if any)

Much of our music is now made available under a Creative Commons licence; you are very welcome to use it providing a suitable credit is made. Of course a little optional donation would be graciously accepted - we would suggest £3 per piece if you can afford it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Echo! (Echo!)

Reverbnation is a pointless site. It has not gained us any friends or plays, despite numerous exclusives - but it has sucked up an awful lot of time. People go to MySpace or, not Reverbnation. Nobody wants to click on its silly widgets, which it encourages you to stick all over the net. It spams us every few days with emails saying "you are about to lose chart positions at Reverbnation" - how we ever gained any is beyond me, seeing as nobody clicks through to the site. Sometimes, the twinkly sites really are not the best sites.

In other news: the second Keshco album, "The Seeds of Wom", is now completely free to download via It's been ten years now since its release. I hope you'll help yourself. It's released under a Creative Commons licence, so you're welcome to remix the tracks, should you be so disposed.