Friday, July 22, 2005

Worldranger Stormbuster Four

Well, the festival season is upon us, and the coming weekend sees the return of Truck festival with its usual roster of bands. Look carefully and you may spot a pair of broad-shouldered taut-bottomed young gentlemen, running around with a digicam and giving away CDs to uncomprehending young ladies. Engage in conversation and receive "Softened Fingers". Or just engage in conservation (of breath) and shake hands instead. It's a fine way to keep trim.

Things hot up next Tuesday, the 26th July, with a little Keshco performance at South London Pacific, which for the uninitiated is a Tiki bar in Kennington. Why not dress for the occasion in a hula girl costume? Now if you'll forgive me, I must search out the old seam sealer. Wouldn't want to get soggy and fungal on a sodden farmstead. Busy yourself with The Julie Dolphin: