Sunday, May 01, 2005

Do The Bambi

Only a week until the rescheduled Creative Swing finally makes it to Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. There's a bulging and varied line-up of alternative cabaret acts, and Keshco will be doing a short electronic set towards the end of the night. Best of all, it's completely free! What are you waiting for? Well, May 8th, probably. More details here.

Going through quite a Stereo Total obsession at the moment. Their show at 93 Feet East (supporting the Musique Automatique album - go and grab) was of course a sexy, funny delight, despite my being hemmed in at all angles by the sweating masses (dancing barely an option apart from a bit of head-nodding); but it was an all-too-rare performance in England. Maybe the record company isn't plugging them enough here. Bah. Their new video is a pleasantly surreal experience, though I can't help wondering if their clothes survived the soap suds.

Our own videos progress slowly. More episodes of Johnny Cocktail are at the editing stage, and take a more introspective path - which doesn't just mean no jokes, though you may beg to differ. You can see them, if you like. Let's do a swap. Now I'm going to have some soup, and then will the old bones out of the door and off to Whitechapel to dodge ghosts of Jack the Ripper.