We're Keshco, a quartet who play psychedelia, synthpop, folk, cut-ups, jingles... whatever we feel like. We all write, sing and play multiple instruments. It's a proper cottage industry, all recorded and released from home.

Unifying themes include unsparingly honest self-deprecation, left-wing social/political outlook, love of the nervous outsider, and a fair dose of whimsy and surrealism. We're not keen on repeating ourselves, so do dig deep as there's good stuff (lyrically, melodically, rhythmically) all the way back.

We occasionally do online concerts from home, and we release an EP every few months. There are also comedy films, and our own zine, "Beware!".

To be clear: our music is about all bits of human experience. We try to put across all parts of life, the rushing highs and the crushing lows, the mundane and the bizarre. Sometimes all at once. Hearing the beginning of a song is no guarantee that the end will be the same. Hearing the beginning of an album is no guarantee of anything. Some songs are deadly serious. Some are froth. Some are both, because you can do that with words.

Some things we don't do. We are never right-wing, never jaded hipsters, and we never set out to offend good people. We will never make the music you hear on Radio 1. We will never stop caring. We will never stop pushing the boundaries of what we can call Keshco and how far we can push ourselves. We will never stop.

Andy Brain - vocals, guitar, bass, recorder, computing, etc 
Bob Follen - vocals, drums, keyboard, guitar, chimes, etc
Luke Sample - vocals, guitar, keyboard, flute, lap steel, etc
Inés Boente - vocals, keyboard, guitar, percussion, etc

(basically we all play each other's instruments)