Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ugh - he's SAD

Good afternoon, winter Keshcologists. I trust you're making good use of today's remaining daylight; I'm holed up in a nasty air-conditioned office under striplight.

The colder months are upon us; pish and plops! I used to tolerate winter, when I was younger and warmer-blooded; now I actively dislike it. In fact I'm thinking of writing a stiff letter.

Seasonal Affective Disorder seems to me a sane response to insane conditions. Only four months ago (2 August) we had seven and a half hours' more daylight to frolic in. This time of year is depressing anyway, with the only-slightly-apologetic Christmas push (I don't want more things, I want more headspace to use the things I have). The knowledge of how much time was wasted in the summer gets more painful each year.

My friend Drew Walton came up with a fine piece of magnetic poetry once. It started: "Mooning a cold universe chills my bottom" and ended "tonight we slap the kipper in a saucy dance". I find philosophy, for the most part, depressing and self-defeating. Sad songs do me no good these days, and I suspect many of our audience feel the same. Is it good to wallow? Is it sod. Let's make merry. It's a good time to write to your friends.