Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stream us round the clock

Since mid-2015 we have been uploading our albums to the major streaming services. One of the best ways you can lend your support is by streaming some of our tunes, because although they don't pay much, the play counts do add up and it all helps to fund future recordings. Here are the main streaming services we would encourage you to listen to Keshco and Bleak House via:

Google Play



For premium users, all three of these currently pay roughly $0.01 per play, so this is good particularly with short songs; for free users, it's something like a tenth of this. Do bear in mind that Spotify don't pay out on songs below 30 seconds, whereas Google Play currently do (making e.g. 'Lend For Free' or 'Robert Powell' good painless options).

In other news, we're planning a release for Cassette Store Day 2016, and a one-off recording for an international peace project. Both these are due in October 2016, so not far away!