Keshco's history goes back to schooldays. Bob Follen and Andy Brain have been playing and writing together almost since they first met at school in 1994. Luke Sample waited until 2001 before meeting them in Leicester; and Inés Boente held out until 2013.

Central to Keshco’s story has been continual outsider status, and a freewheeling approach which has always taken in grim humour, self-deprecation, political comment, and both precise carefully-orchestrated bits and chance composition. Some would say you shouldn’t do that in the same band. But that’s where the art is. That’s more like how you experience the world. Our main struggle is perhaps how to put this across in a way that is understood as intentional.

There were several 1990s Keshco cassettes, and CDs from 2000 onwards, all as schizophrenic as the more recent releases.

From 2008 Keshco took to the free scene, and have continued releasing a string of EPs for netlabels.

Keshco are also known as Bleak House.