Friday, July 22, 2005

Worldranger Stormbuster Four

Well, the festival season is upon us, and the coming weekend sees the return of Truck festival with its usual roster of bands. Look carefully and you may spot a pair of broad-shouldered taut-bottomed young gentlemen, running around with a digicam and giving away CDs to uncomprehending young ladies. Engage in conversation and receive "Softened Fingers". Or just engage in conservation (of breath) and shake hands instead. It's a fine way to keep trim.

Things hot up next Tuesday, the 26th July, with a little Keshco performance at South London Pacific, which for the uninitiated is a Tiki bar in Kennington. Why not dress for the occasion in a hula girl costume? Now if you'll forgive me, I must search out the old seam sealer. Wouldn't want to get soggy and fungal on a sodden farmstead. Busy yourself with The Julie Dolphin:


  1. Hello,

    Just dropping in. You listed my favorite movie as the first of list of movie I have never seen (I'm searching for movies to watch from the library.)

    Anyway, your profile looks interesting. I'm trying to be a songwriter too. I haven't figured out how to write harmonies for my melodies yet, but I'm working on it. :-)

    Anyway, I may take a look at some of these movies. Are any of them funny the way Educating Rita was?

    Have a great day!

  2. Hi Sheryl,

    Hey thanks for your message. Educating Rita is indeed a very special movie to me; I find myself relating to both the lead protagonists in different ways.

    Harmonies are funny things. There's always more than one way to score a song (hence the thriving remix culture); I generally just play around and see what happens. It can be fun to drop a random element in (a new chord or whatever) and see how that affects things. Sometimes a song just needs to be left to simmer; I hum to myself an awful lot whilst going about my daily business (which is probably quite worrying to passers-by) and that's how a lot of my arrangements get worked out. Best of luck; hope you'll send me some of the results?

    The movies I've listed are a pretty mixed bunch - stylistically, Peter's Friends is the closest, and well worth two hours of your time if you enjoy comedy actors like Stephen Fry...

    Best wishes,

  3. Hello Andy,

    Hey thanks for the breakdown of your movie picks. They don't have Peter's Friends at the library. (These days our public library here often has a better selection of movies than the video stores; it's not purely that I am a tightwad. ) But I'll definitely look for it at the video store.

    I also related to both characters in Educating Rita, but then I consider the movie a love story about kindred souls. They are both dissatisfied with the status quo and are searching for meaning in their lives, eh? That's what makes it such a beautiful story. (Well that, and it's hilariously funny.)

    Have you ever seen First Monday in October? It's got an American political focus , but it's the same sort of thing. A love story that isn't supposed to be a love story--those are often the most romantic.

    Hope the Truck Festival went well and that you had lots of fun, and thanks for commenting on my song in my blog. I have been wanting to get a harmony on it for literally months, so that was a very exciting breakthrough for me. :-) An ex-boyfriend explained how to compose harmonies.

    I also hum a lot. Mainly when I am driving, taking walks or showers (any time that is relaxing is good for creativity. :-)