Saturday, January 21, 2012

Well it's here right under your nose and you just can't see it, can you?

Gah. Keshco have had an account on Twitter for some time now, and as we're generally not keen on social media or spamming people, we've kept our pronouncements brief and related to things we do, either musical or visual. That said, it seems the majority of visitors follow us on a whim. In-between our tweets, we might gain two or three followers, usually with names and timelines that suggest all they do is watch/dissect Dr Who or play games on old computers. All well and fine, we like Dr Who and retro gaming as much as the next fruit salad, and both are sometimes relevant to us and our work. But then, when our next tweet goes up about Keshco or JC or whatever, those newbies unfollow us within hours. Imagine the shock of the unfollower: "No, it's too much! There was a sentence on my timeline that doesn't fit my narrow range of interests, even though some of their previous less-than-monthly tweets did. They mentioned the 48k once. Were they lying? Why don't they mention the 48k in every tweet?".

The really sad thing is, those retro gamer/Dr Who fans are actually missing out on a band that has sci-fi/computing woven into its very fabric. We've released at least three Who-related songs and used 80s memories and Speccy sounds all over the place! Just because every tweet doesn't directly reference Peter Davison's celery or the downsides of PEEKing and POKEing versus BBC Basic...

The daftest was when our tweets about the latest Johnny Cocktail film (which you still haven't watched on YouTube, or bought the DVD - shame!) briefly brought new followers who just blindly follow everything drink-mixing-related. Most peculiar.

At the moment, our follower list is a hardcore of netlabel watchers, people into free culture, and a few of our real life friends. It's fine to be into wanting everything free, as long as you say thanks, or give us some food or blankets in return.

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